About Us

The Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN) is a coalition of 63 organizations that exists to enhance the economic status of Women so as to ensure peaceful co-habitation, credible job creation and adequate infrastructural provision across Nigeria. As a network we focus on total Women Empowerment, building leadership skills, access to credit, patronage of made in Nigerian goods as well as creating a gender friendly environment for women.

ANWBN Executive Officials


ANWBN History

ANWBN is a Coalition of originally 18 Pioneer Primary Organizations, established in February 2013 under the auspices of the Centre For International Private Enterprise (CIPE). In July 2019, following the ANWBN Membership Sensitization Initiative, supported by CIPE, 28 new Women Business Organizations registered to become bonafide members. Presently the total membership is 52 organizations with a common goal of encouraging and improving sustainable entrepreneurial development among Nigerian Women through research, advocacy and policy reform initiatives.

Our Mission

To improve the capacity of members and encourage sustainable entrepreneurship development among women through advocacy in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Our Vision

A vibrant and premier coalition of professional and business women membership organizations in Nigeria, dedicated to promoting policy reforms that ensure sustainable economic development.

Notable Achievements

ANWBN has in its capacity, and with the support of CIPE carried out numerous capacity building projects in line with its mission:

  1. Training seminars
  2. Access to credit report
  3. Women National Business Agenda
  4. Unifying women
  5. Advocacy

Social Objective

  1. Enhance democracy and good governance amongst its members.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of members to achieve entrepreneurship development.
  3. Be the driving force and provide solutions for women business development in Nigeria.
  4. Develop Business and Economic Policy Documents for submissions to, and discussions with, the Governments of Nigeria.
  5. Be a unifying voice to advocate effectively for professional and business women.
  6. Develop business and economic policy documents such as the Women National Business Agenda, for submissions to and discussions with, the governments, financial Institutions and other business stakeholders.

The Coalition is dedicated to the economic and socio-political development of Nigeria through a formalized system of Public-Private Dialogue among the three tiers of government, and other relevant stakeholders.

Women National Business Agenda